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Dark Intentions

Dark Intentions



Author : Rose_George

Publisher : Radish


Kessiya Saju is twenty three, educated and just recently employed by one of the biggest technology companies in the world. She is beautiful, intelligent and headstrong. She is also Indian, meaning that the next most important stage in her life (according to her parents) is marriage. Unfortunately for Kessiya's parents, she has absolutely no interest in boys as she is too busy planning her high flying career and living her best life. With no actual desire to have a romantic relationship with anyone and mostly just to appease her parents, she gets engaged to a pretty decent, yet slightly boring accountant (who of course is Indian too..duh) So it all becomes a bit of a mess, when one day Kessiya ends up finding her soon to be husband, held hostage, half naked and kneeling on the floor of his living room... with a very threatening looking gun to his head. But what happens when Kessiya doesn't know what she should be more scared off. The gun? Or the bloody gorgeous man, holding it?