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Darkest Desires

Darkest Desires



Author : nicoleblanchard

Publisher : Radish


Nothing satisfies me anymore. I’d abandoned my dreams of making it big in New York, freed myself from my last relationship, and swallowed my pride by returning to my hometown of Karim, Texas. A chance to forget about my failures and make a fresh start. By accepting an invitation to an exclusive establishment known only as The Club, I want to indulge in my forbidden passions. Maybe one night exploring my fantasies will finally allow me to move on to the respectable doctor I’d just met. But after one encounter with the mysterious stranger in the secluded room, I fear one taste of him will never be enough. Caught between the dream man my heart is falling for and the stranger who satisfies me in ways I’ve only dreamed of, I learn the cold, hard truth. No one can ever cure me of my darkest desires.