Darkest Skies: A Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Darkest Skies: A Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance

Darkest Skies: A Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance



Author : marissafarrar

Publisher : Radish


It happened in the middle of the night. Asteroids raining down on Earth, destroying buildings, killing people. We thought that was the worst of it, but then women started to go missing, and we knew worse was yet to come... I, Camille Harran, a planetary scientist at one of the world’s numerous Observatories, should have predicted it. Together with my team of men—head of security, Aleandro, studious meteorologist, Casey, and tattooed, dark haired Mike, who is head of communications—we do everything we can to figure out what’s behind the attack on our planet. But when the government decides the Observatories are best for coordinating their teams, we find ourselves having to deal with strangers as well. They’re army men, and government officials, and among them are men more beautiful than I’ve ever seen. What secrets do they hide, and will I, or those I love, survive their invasion?