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Author : Gabrielle Estres

Publisher : Radish


The gruesome murder of a history professor at Oxford University reveals a sinister secret that has been kept hidden from the world for almost six centuries – a secret so powerful and valuable, that people are willing to kill for it, even today. One day after the gruesome murder of a history professor at Oxford University, his protégée Dr. Andrea Hendrikson, finds an envelope containing an almost six-century old document about Vlad Dracula, the illustrious fifteenth century Prince who once ruled over the Principality of Wallachia, what is now modern-day Romania. Convinced that the document is in some way connected to her mentor’s death, Dr. Hendrickson embarks on a quest to uncover the truth. Stunned she finds that her mentor, an inconspicuous historian, had been hunting for a secret so dangerous, that centuries ago, the Roman Catholic Church, together with the kings and emperors that ruled over the Christian lands, decided that it had to be hidden from the world forever. The moment Dr. Hendrikson starts to delve in the murky depths of history, she finds that she herself has become a target. As the obscure treasure hunt suddenly turns into deadly reality, the historian is unwittingly plunged into a world she never believed existed: A world in which in which history has the power to kill and in which the legend of Vlad the Impaler, the fifteenth-century Wallachian prince who inspired the tale of Dracula, is still very much alive. Her desperate search for the truth, leads her from the University of Oxford, to London, Paris and St. Gallen, and from there to a remote monastery in the Făgăraș Mountains, at the heart of what was once the principality of Wallachia.