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Dirty Talker - Single Dads Club #2

Dirty Talker - Single Dads Club #2



Author : Piper Rayne

Publisher : Radish


Turn-ons… Party girls. Platinum blondes. Zero expectations. I used to think that if you could combine all three into one female, you’d have the perfect woman. Then why the hell does Ava Pearson—an outdoorsy girl, a brunette, and a woman who screams stability and responsibility—seem to be the only woman on my mind lately? I’ve got enough obligations without adding any complications to the mix—my son, my bar…well, that’s about it. But that’s enough for a guy like me. It’s the cupcakes. It’s gotta be the cupcakes she bakes that keep me coming back for more. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Apparently, it’s a direct target to his junk, too. Did I forget to mention that she’s my buddy’s daughter… another member of the Single Dads Club’s daughter? Ava might say she can handle being friends-with-benefits, but I’m not sure she can. Unfortunately for her, I’m too selfish of a prick to care—until I do.