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Author : .N.

Publisher : Radish


“Finding a dead body in the basement was horrifying, but it wasn’t even the worst part of my day.” Cora lives a rather normal life – or so she thinks. Blissfully unaware of the web of lies that she is entangled in, a dark discovery about her mother leads to the exposure of several other skeletons in her closet (literally and figuratively). Surrounded by people she cannot trust, Cora is forced to go on the run, only to be kidnapped by three men, whose very silence screams danger. They won’t tell her anything, but they know everything about her, right down to her favorite childhood story. And when she finally comes face to face with the man they call Alpha, who, somehow, wants her dead without ever having met her before, Cora realizes she’s in deep, deep trouble, with absolutely no way out of it.