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Dracula (A Series of Short Stories)

Dracula (A Series of Short Stories)



Author : Gabrielle Estres

Publisher : Radish


On the 6th of August 1897, the Russian schooner Demeter runs aground off the coast of Whitby. When local police and the coastguard enter the ship they find that there is not a living soul aboard: The crew has vanished, and only the lifeless body of the captain-tied to the ship's wheel-has been left behind. Little do the horrified spectators and baffled officers know that along with the Demeter, not only fifty boxes of Transylvanian soil have reached the Yorkshire coast, but an evil far greater than any of them could have ever imagined. This work is a homage to Bram Stoker's classical novel: Dracula. On occasion it draws heavily on the work Stoker has written over 100 years ago, for instance using Stoker's original words for the Captain's last message, or at least loosely following his narration when it comes to the arrival of the Demeter off the coast of Whitby. The tone and style of this story is ⎯⎯ as far as possible ⎯⎯ kept in line with Stoker's and may thus differ significantly from the stories I usually write.