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Dragon Raider

Dragon Raider



Author : Olive_Picker

Publisher : Radish


The man leaned over on his knees for a couple seconds. "Where's--Cassidy?" he panted heavily out. They all lost their happiness then, the man standing up and huffed. "He's awake," Worry swam in his eyes. "Early." ~~~~~~~ Dragons were only myth and Folklore till 2022 when a paleontologist found a mysterious skeleton completely intact in Chile. In 2062, an underground scientist brought a dragon back to life. Now our world has included these powerful beasts into our everyday lives. When Christopher Felcor is offered to join the Raiders, the dragon riders in America. He didn't expect his whole life to change. Seeing dragons is one thing but riding one is another thing. But when a terrible accident brings them scarcely closer than they want to be, especially trouble is brewing, their relationship may be the other thing that keeps everything in balance.