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Young Adult


Author : Luisa

Publisher : Radish


Elizabeth Blackwell craves freedom. At the age of nineteen, and without a lick of independence, Elizabeth follows in the rigid path her parents paved for her. Her purpose was simple; inherit the family business. All there was left to do was prepare for that fateful day. For Elizabeth this meant giving up her summers in order to accompany her parents and their entrepreneurial endeavours. However, this summer would prove to be like no other. When one of her parents' failed oaths inevitably falls through the cracks, Elizabeth discovers an unlikely friend in an unconventional waiter. A spontaneous road trip is set into motion and Elizabeth is faced with things she never had to experience before. What was first thought to be a get away from her over-controlling parents turns into an adventure of a lifetime -- one where Elizabeth comes to realize just how much of an eleutheromaniac she really is.