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Entangled In Shadows

Entangled In Shadows



Author : Krystal

Publisher : Radish


Sophie Hopkins wants to be a normal seventeen year old girl, but her life is far from normal. She's a guardian of Ellington Institute. Her first and foremost priority as a guardian is getting rid of the supernatural beings in the world, Hellions. Be it vampires, werewolves, demons, or fae, she is prepared to win. Highly skilled and snarky nothing stands in her way, even her fellow guardian and competition, Lucas Brandt….who she admittedly denies having a crush on. When she is chosen to lead a mission involving the deaths of a coven of teenage witches who have been bitten by a vampire, she’s head over heels with excitement and nerves. But after infiltrating the coven to find the vamp and reason behind the witches’ suicides she happens upon ancient magic and unsuspected culprits. Will she stick true to her guardian responsibilities or will she give in to temping lies and trust the enemy?