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Ever After

Ever After



Author : Lora

Publisher : Radish


Liz has lived in the quiet little town called Blue Ridge Summit for her entire life. She knows the town like the back of her hand, or so she thinks. She never could have imagined that a small percentage of the town's very average inhabitants aren't so average after all. It all starts when an unnerving encounter with a stranger upsets Liz's very uncomplicated life, leaving her wondering why on earth the sinisterly handsome stranger won't just leave her alone. When a second breathtakingly handsome man suddenly enters her life, Liz is left wondering where such unusually good looking guys have been hiding in their tiny town, and why all of a sudden they both seem so interested in her. Liz is about to find herself at the center of a supernatural territory dispute, pulled between the two men who both want to claim her. One of them is her true mate, and the other is willing to destroy her to keep her out of another man's arms.