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Falling For My Billionaire Boss

Falling For My Billionaire Boss



Author : MCCerny

Publisher : Radish


Hi there - I’m Casey Cole, the host for Philly’s Z107FM late night radio show, Casey’s Confessions. I’m trying really hard to do my job without my tempting boss James interfering. He’s rich, good looking, and over-protective. Life has taught me the curvy girl from South Philly doesn’t get the guy. Unfortunately, James isn’t convinced and I’ve been putting him off for as long as I can… It probably doesn’t help that there is this little issue of a stalker after me. Pardon me - I’d like to share my side of the story - I’m James Austin. Yes, I own Austin Communications and Z107FM. I’m also Casey’s boss, but did she tell you what a tease she’s been the past eighteen months? Sure, I’ve got money. Yeah, I’m over-protective, but who wouldn’t be with some weirdo sending her hate mail? She makes courting her attentions difficult to say the least. I just want one chance to prove to her that she’s already gotten the guy before this stalker ruins it.