Falling for the Bad Boy Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Falling for the Bad Boy

Falling for the Bad Boy



Author : GwynMcNamee

Publisher : Radish


WARWICK Lie. Steal. Maim. Destroy. Do whatever it takes. Except this. I’m breaking the only rule. I’m taking a hostage. But the fiery redhead destroyed my plans and left me no choice. I had to take her. Now I’m fighting for my life while battling my growing attraction for my hostage. Grace may have started my downfall, but she could also be my salvation. GRACE The moment he stepped foot on my ship, I knew he was trouble. He took me, and now, my life is in his hands. But things aren’t what they seem, and Warwick isn’t who he appears. The man who holds me hostage is slowly working his way into my heart even as greater dangers loom on the horizon. War and Grace. Dark and light. Love and hate. This storm may destroy them both.... *previously known as "Squall Line" in the "The Inland Seas Series"