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Falling for the Count

Falling for the Count



Author : Victoria

Publisher : Radish


When he asked her to take the bride’s place, she couldn’t say no. It was her fantasy playing out before her eyes. He’s a charming bad boy count about to lose his fortune if he doesn’t marry. And the bride just took off on his wedding day. Matteo Korbel, the Count of Golchin, proposed a business marriage to save his fortune, figuring his girlfriend was good enough to get the job done. But on the wedding day, she takes off, and Matteo is forced to ask the chef’s daughter to step in as a replacement bride. Sheena's only thinks of Matteo as a childhood friend. So when she dresses up as a veiled bride, it’s only to tell him his bride left. She never expected him to ask her to be his wife, and never would have anticipated she’d be foolish enough to say yes. Now it’s not just his fortune on the line, but also her heart. Neither of them expected passion or growing attraction with a near stranger. Now they’re married and still barely know each other as they try to navigate rough waters, ex-boyfriends, old desires, bad habits, and worse assumptions. Find out what happens in this modern day Pride and Prejudice meets Cinderella's Ever After romance! One Click Now to get your copy now!