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Favorite Coffee

Favorite Coffee



Author : Victoria

Publisher : Radish


Penny refuses to be a gold digger like her mother and wants to be an engineer. However billionaire Jay Marshall is everything she never wanted and can’t get out of her head. Jay is a busy tycoon who has no room for love on his calendar. But when investors threaten to leave deals unless Jay proves he’s stable and reliable, Jay needs a fiancee fast. Penny refuses to be a gold digger like her mother and doesn’t want a billionaire at all, especially her former best friend whose kept her in the friend zone. However she needs a place to live so they make a bargain where she’ll pretend to be his bride. Soon, a pretend date sets off a whirlwind of trouble and in the process she might be falling in love. For Penny and Jay, unresolved conflicts and a new love affairs spark while their lives intersect with their common friends but can happily ever after bloom when secrets and lies threaten to stop the romance before it ever begins? One Click to get your copy and be ready to for a pretend relationship that feels too good to last.