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Fearfully Fearless

Fearfully Fearless



Author : 샑샑샑

Publisher : Radish


For 21-year-old Yura Song, when her father finally allows her to move out into her own apartment, she is ecstatic. But all that changes the moment he adds one condition. She'll have to share it with his friend's daughter, Elsie Han, who is coming to Korea from England for six months. A major individualist, Yura is less than happy at the idea of having a roommate. And things turn even more sour when she sees Elsie and her have nothing in common. For one, Elsie is a lesbian while she is not. She is so certain she's not as even hearing the word "lesbian" does not sit well with her. However, the longer Yura lives with Elsie, the more she begins to actually think about her sexuality for the first time in her life. Suddenly, things aren't so black and white anymore.