Feathers and Microphones (Angel and Rock Star Erom) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Feathers and Microphones (Angel and Rock Star Erom)

Feathers and Microphones (Angel and Rock Star Erom)



Author : Rosa Swann

Publisher : Radish


A rock star branded by a demon… A fallen angel with wings black as night… Florian has been trying to get rid of his angel powers ever since he lost his last charge in an accident that was entirely his fault. Ever since he spends his nights bar tending at the local gay bar, ignoring his angel nature and pretending to be human. Until one night, he meets a sexy man with purple hair on the roof of the bar and he wants nothing more but to spend the night with him. Seth has been wearing his demon brand for years. The price to pay to bring his band to the top. But these days, life is nothing but a drag, so even though he has to protect his rock star image, he goes to a gay bar, hoping to find some solace. When he climbs up to the roof to take look over the city at night, a beautiful man proposes to spend the night together, and for the first time in years, he accepts. Is this a mistake, or is there more hidden behind the eyes of the beautiful stranger? The plan was only for the night, but will the men be able to let each other go, especially after the secrets they reveal the next morning? This is the full five-part serial of Feathers and Microphones. It includes Branded, Stage, Fear, Lost and Winged.