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Fierce Pride Saga

Fierce Pride Saga



Author : Victoria H. Smith

Publisher : Radish


The Panthera (pan · ther· a): noun. a lost island nation with the power of the panther Pantheress or "she-panthera": noun. a female panthera, vulnerable in numbers yet powerful Dr. Shanora Renee Dalton: human--she thinks. the one they're looking for... the strongest of them all Shanora I've studied the Aruti people for a long time and the world knows their story. They were a great people eliminated by catastrophic events; natural events but tragic nonetheless. I'm fascinated with the extraordinary wonder of their legacy, and my classes gather droves of students just wanting to learn more. It's under that umbrella I meet Gael, a businessman who's curious about my research. His company wishes to fund me for continued findings and the man himself... well, there's a little more to his desires. Gael comes with the company of two other men, two, in all their mystery, who smolder just as hot and divinely as he does and I'm drawn into their world no matter how dark it ends up becoming. They take me along a journey of history and mayhem I believe I already know, but somehow, I'm vastly far from the truth. As it turns out, the Aruti people never perished as I believed but are alive and well. Not only that, they've become something... else and these men, Gael, Easton, and Davis are here to help me see that. They need me. And I'm more powerful than even they are.