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Fighting Luke

Fighting Luke



Author : MV Ellis

Publisher : Radish


Is she in too deep, or is she strong enough to fight against the swirling riptide of their desire? Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? Dr Natalie Patterson isn’t sure, but when the avid film buff finds herself in her very own Mrs Robinson scenario with her smoking-hot one-night stand, she’s determined not to risk her name, reputation and career trying to find out. She’s been burned badly in the past, and only just managed to pick up the pieces of her broken soul, so the last thing she needs right now is to lose herself in his vivid green gaze, no matter how much she may want to. Luke Jones is young, fun, and full of…and has only ever had eyes for one girl. That is until he locks gazes with a gorgeous stranger at one of his gigs, suddenly changing the game. He wants her from the get go—more so than any woman, even the one who’s had his heart for as long as he could remember. And he knows the feeling is mutual. When he secretly serenades her across a crowded bar, he has no idea that the words of his song Fight Mode will turn out to be a case of art imitating life. Natalie does everything she can to deny strong the feelings rapidly growing between the two of them, but can she fight hard enough to keep her head above the riptide of Luke’s desire?