Find Me Lonely (The Reawakening Series, 2) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Find Me Lonely (The Reawakening Series, 2)

Find Me Lonely (The Reawakening Series, 2)



Author : kellyviolet

Publisher : Radish


A choice she had to make… Yvonne Waller made an impossible decision last year. Picking the only option that protected everyone she loves, she ran. Now, she finds herself surrounded by people but not truly connecting with anyone. That all changes when a new face in town strolls into the diner where she works. His tempting eyes and inviting smirk called to a long-forgotten part of her. She soon realized she’d merely been surviving this entire time. And that was no way to live. A past he wanted to forget... Greyson Donahue was on a break. Spending the last decade making poor decisions, a devastating loss sends him headfirst into a wake-up call. To clear his mind, he leaves home and hits the open road for a change in scenery and maybe a sign. When an angel stumbles into his lap, his world is turned right side up. Their meeting ignited something deep inside him that had been snuffed out for too long: hope. Can a chance encounter stop them both from running? Because love finds you in the most unexpected places and at the worst possible time…