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Follow My Lead

Follow My Lead



Author : Hannahblowers

Publisher : Radish


What if you followed your heart, but it led you in the wrong direction? How would you find your way back? Elisa's dream was to take the stage as prima ballerina, to follow in her mother's footsteps and dance the performance of her life. And she did exactly that. But then her dreams go up in flames, and she flees to her hometown in Waterville, Massachusetts. Now she needs a new plan. And maybe a distraction. So when her best friend, Hazel, asks her to take Zumba with her at Brooks Brothers Gym—the same gym Hazel's cousin happens to attend—she's easily persuaded. Elisa's had a crush on Christian since she was ten years old, but he's always been out of her reach. To him she's just his cousin's best friend. When she left behind Waterville ten years ago, she also left behind her unrequited feelings. But those feelings resurface when she runs into him at the gym. She also runs into someone else. Literally. Her gorgeous Zumba instructor, Derrick Brooks. Derrick is persistent and arrogant, which Elisa finds annoying, but he challenges her in ways she doesn't expect. She also doesn’t expect to actually like him. In fact, she denies her feelings for Derrick like the plague and comes up with a plan—make Christian jealous by pretending to date Derrick. It's the perfect way to prove to everyone (and herself) she can get let go of some stupid childhood crush; all she has to do is put on a good show. She's performed many times as a ballerina so this should be a piece of cake, right? What Elisa doesn't realize, though, is that while their relationship is fake, her feelings for Derrick are real. But so are her feelings for Christian. Or so she thinks. Not everything is as it seems. Sometimes, what we think we want is only an illusion, leading us astray. For Elisa Roberts, what she truly wants may only be an arm's length away. She just has to see past the illusions in her path to finally see what's in front of her.