FrankenMINE: A Halloween Novella Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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FrankenMINE: A Halloween Novella

FrankenMINE: A Halloween Novella



Author : Havana Scott

Publisher : Radish


When the creature awakens in an abandoned laboratory, he is alone, chained, and naked. Scarred all over his body, he cannot remember who he is or anything about his past. His creator leaves him to die with only his fantasies of escape—and someone to keep him company. Violinist Luna McBride loses her way in the mountains after her car breaks down. When a thunderstorm begins, she must find shelter in the woods. Suddenly, she hears the cries of a wolf, or is that a howling man? Then, she sees it...the decrepit old castle. And inside, a monster awaits. FrankenMINE is a short monster read to set your night on fire!