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Friends To Lovers

Friends To Lovers



Author : Christi Barth

Publisher : Radish


Love blooms where you least expect it. Chicago wedding florist Daphne Lovell has no trouble producing perfect happily-ever-afters for her clients. But figuring out her own love life isn’t as easy...because she’s head-over-heels for her off-limits best friend. Revealing her secret crush on British expat Gibson Moore isn’t an option. Until fate steps in, darkening a ballroom and giving her the opportunity to steal a passionate kiss from the hunky hotel manager who unknowingly holds her heart. Too bad that when the lights flick back on, the oblivious playboy searches the room for the lips that just claimed his—never bothering to look at the friend standing right next to him! Daphne still can’t confess her feelings for her bed-hopping best friend. Crossing the line from friends to lovers could ruin everything. Until an accidental second kiss reveals the truth to Gib. They both know that the smart thing would be to forget it ever happened. But some kisses are so spectacular they change everything...