Guarding Their Dragon Mate (Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Guarding Their Dragon Mate (Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance)

Guarding Their Dragon Mate (Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance)



Author : Skylar Heart

Publisher : Radish


Sophia thought she’d be fighting the fae army, not her attraction to four handsome rebels… Orphaned at twelve, half-blood Sophia, part witch, part water dragon, spent most of her life as a member of the secretive dragon rebel army, trying to protect kids like her. But now the war against the fae is won, the new kings have chosen her to rebuild the war-torn dragon lands. First problem? She has no experience leading anyone. Second problem? The area is dangerous, filled with renegade fae soldiers, still loyal to the old fae king. Third problem? Or should that be her first problem? The team assigned to help her might be more of a distraction than an asset. One spoiled fire dragon who won’t take orders from anyone. One broody air element witch carrying a lot of pain from his past. One soft-spoken werewolf with hidden strength. And one mysterious fae… Four very hot sources of trouble. Can she save her people, rebuild what was lost, and protect her heart all at the same time? Guarding Their Dragon Mate takes place in the same world as Royal Mates Academy, after the events of that series, but features a totally new cast.