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Author : Yumna

Publisher : Radish


Charlie gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Maria is marrying Silas, Elizabeth is still trying to move on after the incident and still trying to figure out about her feelings for Leo and Owen is happy to see his children finally finding their happiness but everything can't go smooth for the Harrisons, can it? Charlie and Marcus's relationship stumbles as Elna reaches out to Marcus - asking for help. Charlie's insecurities come upfront. Sean is also back with a determination of winning Maria back. Silas is worried about his family as well as Sean's obsession for Maria grows. Leo visits New York with a friend, Jennifer for Maria's wedding - Jennifer also turns out to Fred (Elizabeth's ex and Elizabeth's neighbor when she was working in Chicago) ex-fiancee. Elizabeth feels the forgotten sparks between her and Leo. Catch it all in the finale of the Harrison Series.