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Author : Rebecca Hamilton

Publisher : Radish


In a world where the sun never sets, one girl must face the darkness in an attempt to save them all. Raised in a home for the unwanted and groomed for a life of service, orphan Lara’s worst fear is being selected during the Harvest. Things turn out worse than she fears, however, when one of her best friends, Karr, is called instead. In mourning, Lara bids Karr a tearful goodbye, thinking she’ll never see him again. But when he returns, mysteriously changed, and murders their other best friend in front of her eyes, it sets Lara on a path to discover not only what happened Karr inside the box, but what secrets lurk in the center of her Faction and the heart of her home. Once inside, she discovers a shocking connection to the darkness within herself that will threaten her faction forever, and that the time to contain that nefarious power is running out…