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He's Out Of My League

He's Out Of My League



Author : Emily Goodwin

Publisher : Radish


My new client is an a**hole. All signs pointed towards it. I was so sure that I told everyone. Even the hot guy who bumped into me at the coffee shop, spilling my latte all over my shirt. Nothing says professionalism like a surprise wet shirt contest, right? Imagine my surprise when said hot guy just happens to be my client. Who’s the a**hole now? I was certain I was getting fired. So certain that he’d call my boss, pull all the necessary strings. But then he does the total opposite and asks me out on a date. He must have ulterior motives. Or maybe he’s a professional stalker. Yet when we see each other again, there’s an attraction I can’t deny. Against all my professional judgement, I say yes. Even though I’m sure it won’t work out. Because guys like Ben don’t fall for girls like me...or do they?