Heal Me Gently (The Reawakening Series, 3) Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Heal Me Gently (The Reawakening Series, 3)

Heal Me Gently (The Reawakening Series, 3)

New Adult


Author : kellyviolet

Publisher : Radish


A year he wanted to erase… Zion Wallace was slowly wasting away. An accident left him a broken and powerless man, proving just how much things were truly out of his control. When his well-meaning parents took a decision out of his hands, he came face to face with the one person he couldn’t turn his back on. The two of them were like fire and ice. She pushed him, and he pushed right back. And apparently, it was exactly what he’d been waiting for. Too bad she would never want to be with a man like him. A lesson she learned the hard way... Abigail Suarez was getting her life back on track. A recent break-up proved that she couldn’t give her trust to just anyone. She left that life behind in order to reclaim herself. Now, she had a job she loved and new motivation to pursue her dreams. But someone from her past had other ideas. With her newest client doing everything to knock her off her game, she needed to think outside the box. Most importantly, she had to protect her heart because, when his defenses were down, he was quite irresistible. Can they get their acts together before it’s too late? Because love creeps in with little notice and after you’ve written it off for good...