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Hearts of Fire (Hearts #2)

Hearts of Fire (Hearts #2)



Author : LH Cosway

Publisher : Radish


The Circus Spektakulär is proud to present Jack McCabe: Fire-breather, knife-thrower, risk-taker. By night Jack captivates audiences. He's a fire-breather, a spectacle desired by women and envied by men. But by day he's a loner few people truly know. When wide-eyed dreamer Lille decides to leave her humdrum life behind and run away with the circus, she never expects to meet someone like Jack. He is moody and distrustful, a mystery to be solved. He tells her the circus isn’t the place for her, that there are dangerous people who will try to take advantage, but Lille refuses to quit. Slowly but surely Lille breaks past Jack’s walls. He wants to protect her but resents the attraction he feels. When they finally succumb to desire, Lille realises that Jack just might be one of the dangerous people he warned her against. Soon she learns that true love is something you have to fight for. Praise for Hearts of Fire: "This story holds so much intensity and it's just blazing hot. It created an inferno of emotions inside me." - Patrycja, Smokin' Hot Book Blog. "I think this is my very favorite LH Cosway romance to date. Absolutely gorgeous." - Angela, Fiction Vixen. "Okay we just fell in love. Complete and utter beautiful book love. You know the kind of love where you just don't want a book to finish. You try and make it last; you want the world to pause as you read and you want the story to go on and on because you're not ready to let it go." - Jenny & Gitte, Totally Booked.