Her Billionaire Bachelors: A Love Triangle Series Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Her Billionaire Bachelors: A Love Triangle Series

Her Billionaire Bachelors: A Love Triangle Series



Author : NYLA

Publisher : Radish


Two billionaire bachelors, one daring woman they willingly share… These are no ordinary affairs in Bayfront, California, where the men are rich and gorgeous—and enjoy pursuing, and pleasing, the same woman. Lily Hart has taken a temporary position as a live-in butler for internationally acclaimed violinist Jackson Sterling and concert pianist Lexington Alexander at Jax’s estate in the affluent coastal community. The men are collaborating on a new CD and Lily is instantly captivated by their haunting music—and enticed by both devastatingly handsome musicians. Jax and Lex have been missing a creative element in their compositions, until the fresh breeze that is Lily Hart sweeps through the marbled hallways of the mansion. The breathtaking, sensuous woman is the muse they’re in desperate need of. Lily is equally lured into the seductive emotional and romantic web the three of them weave as their evenings alone in the music room become more intimate. The billionaire bachelors want Lily. And she’s not inclined to deny them anything… These are standalone titles, with connected themes, characters and locale: Season 1: Seduction—Lex, Jax and Lily Season 2: Possession—Seth, Noah and Sylvia Season 3: Confession—Devon, Morgan and Fallon Season 4: Obsession—Hunter, Nick and Roxy Season 5: Addiction—Nate, Tristan and Liv