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Her Fake Fiance Bodyguard

Her Fake Fiance Bodyguard



Author : puckpryncess

Publisher : Radish


Gemma hates her new husband As daughter of a man in charge of the CIA, Gemma Harrison knows her father is overprotective. She just didn't realize it would go this far. After receiving threats against her increase, her father assigns a body guard she can't stand to protect her. But the worst part is the guise her father wants it done under: a fake marriage. Now, she has to plan a wedding to a man she hates - okay, maybe he's attractive and has a butterfly-inducing Southern accent - but she is only twenty years old! She wasn't expecting to settle down so soon, especially not when she has a crush on her community college's star athlete, Troy. Now that Agent Dixon Black is constantly with her, her dreams of making out in the backseat of Troy's Camaro are completely ruined. When things get real - both with Dixon and the danger she's in - Gemma is forced to reevaluate her feelings about Dixon, especially when he saves her life. Feelings can't be fake, and Gemma is starting to feel for Dixon Black. Fans of James Bond and The Proposal will fall in love with this new adult romantic comedy standalone from Heather C. Myers. Scroll up and 1-click your copy today!