Her Heart, His Obsession Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Her Heart, His Obsession

Her Heart, His Obsession



Author : Sarah Royal

Publisher : Radish


This is a dystopian future when humans with magic powers and mythical creatures have suppressed humans with no super abilities. There are very few neutral territories where all beings can live in peace. But for how long? The days got darker from the day Athena met Dante. She got a glimpse of the waves of his dark powers instantly and vowed to herself to protect the innocents against him with the help of her healer coven. Suddenly, life changed dramatically for all Athena knew and loved all because of Dante's quest for power. Could she save them from this dark warlock? After all Dante had no weakness but there was one person who had a place in his cold heart. That place belonged to Athena.