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Highlander's Captive

Highlander's Captive



Author : Joanne Wadsworth

Publisher : Radish


His mission is to capture. Hers is to turn the tide. Twenty-two-year-old Julia MacLeod discovers a secret tunnel leading from Dunvegan Castle, the stronghold of her MacLeod clan. Her chief would never allow her to leave without a guard during this time of war, but up for an adventure, she scurries along the dank passageway and through a maze of twists and turns. Highland warrior Ivor MacDonald is on a solitary mission to secure a bargaining chip against his chief’s rival clan. While scouting the cliffs near Dunvegan Castle for a way in, a lone woman topples from the cliffs and into the frigid waters of the ocean. Honor demands he rescue her, even though it might bring his mission into jeopardy. Then he discovers she’s the chief’s cousin, and his bargaining chip has just fallen right into his hands. Ivor steals his captive away, and on a journey across the ocean, his mission soon takes a turn. Julia’s trust in him sees his honor battling to override his need for revenge. Has his captive now turned the tide, and became the captor instead? A Historical Highlander Romance (Short Story) HIGHLANDER HEAT SERIES Highlander’s Castle, #1 Highlander’s Magic, #2 Highlander’s Charm, #3 Highlander’s Guardian, #4 Highlander’s Faerie, #5 Highlander’s Champion, #6 Highlander’s Captive, #7 (Short Story 11,000 Words, Series #0.5)