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His Drug

His Drug



Author : Chrissy

Publisher : Radish


WARNING: This story contains adult material so please DON'T read if you are underage or uncomfortable. Thank you :) Chrissy is a 20 year old sophomore in college in the medical field. With a drug lord for a father named King & so is her brother Jr she is well respected, protected and connectrf. She has one friend and one friend only and her name is Momo. She's never really been in a relationship and is still a virgin. She didn't even believe in love but maybe that wouldn't last for long . Terell a 25 year old man in the drug game. He was hardcore in the streets but showed his different side to Chrissy. He showed her that he cared & would always be there for her. He Isn't even trying to get into her panties. One thing he did know was that his kisses blew her mind & he felt it too. Something about Chrissy had him feening for her & he had to have her & He would. Chrissy feels the same & just won't express it. When they fall in love will she really want to stay with a man in the drug game with so many enemies. Is this really what she wants ? Just Read My Story & You'll Find Out ! Get Ready For A Story Filled With Surprised I've already received 1 million views on Wattpad for this book so I just hope everyone enjoys it and I just hope those who started with me on Wattpad are continuing with me on here. (: