His Little Vixen: A Shifter Romance Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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His Little Vixen: A Shifter Romance

His Little Vixen: A Shifter Romance



Author : LaurenSmith

Publisher : Radish


Fox shifter Sadie Harris knows she’s in trouble as soon as she lays eyes on vampire Seamus Gallagher, and not just because he makes her weak in the knees. Years ago, vampires slaughtered her family and left her an orphan. But there are greater dangers than vampires. When Sadie goes into mating heat, she attracts a pack of literal big bad wolves—werewolves—and Seamus intervenes moments from the wolves descending on her. Now the only one standing between her and being a toy for all sorts of evil things is the one person who makes her shake for a different reason. Her grandmother warned her not to trust vampires. They always end up hurting you. But as afraid as Sadie is that Seamus is destined to hurt her, she’s more afraid of a deeper truth: maybe she wants him to.