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Howl Alpha Academy Babies

Howl Alpha Academy Babies



Author : EvaLyra

Publisher : Radish


Being an omega in an alpha-dominated world isn’t easy… Reese, however, is tough, and can handle anything this academy full of arrogant alphas can throw at him. Or at least he hopes so. He has a scholarship and all his ducks in a row… until Tiberius, alpha son of a powerful werewolf clan, hires him as help and keeps shooting him those hot looks… Everything in Reese wants to submit to the powerful alpha, but is that a good idea? Being an alpha from a powerful clan comes with responsibilities… Tiberius is supposed to marry into a good family, claim a rich omega and have plenty of babies to continue his line - but the only omega he wants is Reese. When one day Reese takes off without a word, Tiberius realizes just how much the pretty omega means to him. What he doesn’t imagine is that Reese has some important news for him, news that will change both their lives… * Follow three couples as they come together and have cute babies! The stories are as follows: Tough Little Omega, Feisty Little Omega, and Hot Little Omega!* Note: in my stories, emphasis is placed on the pregnancy, birth and babies. No skimming over it, no mentioning it in passing. Also, this is an all-male world. Just so you know :)