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Author : N.J. Caine

Publisher : Radish


Daughter of a judge, Aria Forbes has lived what any average person would call a normal life. Two parents who are madly in love, two younger brothers who were her best friend and a shiny new diploma, merely weeks away from medical school. All of that changed when criminals who put her father Richard Forbes put away make it their mission to kill each and every one of her family members. After watching her parents die, Aria takes her brothers and escapes but all of her efforts are in vain when the bad guys keep coming. Reed has been a mercenary for a large portion of his life. Eventually his evil ways catch up to him making him a nomad on the run daily, constantly fighting off his attackers. While in the middle of a mission he saves three people from being attacked. Initially, he plans on doing a catch and release until he realizes that just like him, they'll be running for the rest of their lives, but not if he can help it. Months of protecting Aria causes Reed to grow something he lost long ago, his heart.