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I Waited 10 Years

I Waited 10 Years



Author : Jenn Sterling

Publisher : Radish


Radio show producer, Cammie Carmichael hasn't seen Dalton Thomas since they graduated from high school. With no social media profiles, Dalton's been as elusive as a ghost. But with their 10 year reunion right around the corner, Cammie goes with the hopes that he might show up. She's never forgotten him after all this time and she can't help but wonder if the spark between them is still there. They were just kids in high school, but they aren't kids anymore. Undercover cop Dalton Thomas is headed toward his high school reunion for one reason and one reason only: Cammie Carmichael. He's done sitting in the background, daydreaming about the girl who stole his heart and changed his life all those years ago. It's time to right his wrongs and win back the only girl he's ever loved. Is it too late for a second chance?