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Author : RaShelle Workman

Publisher : Radish


Before I can gain immortality, I am betrayed and sent to Earth where my life depends on Michael. He's arrogant. Hot. And so in need of a beat down. Despite what I know, I’m drawn to him… Betrayal sucks! I should know. On my sixteenth birthday, it was my destiny to become immortal and the next queen of my home planet, Kelari. Instead I was betrayed and sent to Earth where I was given a choice by the gods. Suffocate and die by Earth’s atmosphere or help a human find his soulmate. Of course, I chose the latter. The decree sounded easy enough. Michael is gorgeous; I’ll give him that. But he’s also jerk! No one could possibly love him—least of all me. But Michael is the least of my problems. There’s a hot vampire after me, determined to change me. He's hard to resist, especially when he's kissing me. Beyond that, there’s a government agency close behind. Their only purpose is to hunt beings from other worlds. They’ve found out about my unearthly identity, and despite my human appearance, they are intent on capturing and dissecting me like some kind of a lab experiment. Thankfully my guardian, Zaren followed me to this planet. He’s sworn to protect me. He’s done so my entire life. At least he’s supposed to. But Earth is different than Kelari in more ways than one, and the planet is affecting me like neither of us expected. I don’t think he counted on keeping me safe from my own traitorous heart. Be swept away to the wiles of Wyoming and then to the stars in this seriously epic, twisted, science fiction/fantasy romance.