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Indebted To The Billionaire

Indebted To The Billionaire



Author : nickyandthecity

Publisher : Radish


Olivia Jones is in deep financial trouble. Her grandfather owes loan sharks a lot of money for his gambling addiction. In order to help save her family, Olivia does the unthinkable. She auctions her virginity off at a private auction. It's only for one night, surely it can't be that bad, right? One night in exchange for the money she needs to help save her family and to pay off the loan sharks. Austin Stone is a lonely billionaire who has sworn off love after his girlfriend cheated on him over five years ago. The only women he shares his bed with are one night stands and hook ups. That is, until he meets Olivia Jones at an auction. He has to have her. She is absolutely breathtaking and he cannot stand the thought of another man touching her. Austin pays one million dollars to purchase Olivia at the auction for one night. One night will not be enough for him, though. She is intoxicating. He cannot get enough of her. He needs to have her. He needs to make her his woman. How can he convince her to stay? How can he convince her that this is so much more than a monetary transaction? Things become even more complicated when Austin discovers that he is the reason Olivia auctioned herself off. He is the one that Olivia's grandfather owes money to. Will he tell Olivia the truth? Will she be able to stay with him once she discovers who he really is?