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Irresistibly Dashing

Irresistibly Dashing



Author : Victoria

Publisher : Radish


Sold for her sister to buy mobile home, Sarah Sawyer found out the prisoner she married was actually a billionaire prince. Sarah Sawyer never knew life could be luxurious. She’d spent her entire life arguing that her parents wasteful ways were ridiculous until the day they threatened to call the cops on her and have her arrested if she didn’t marry a stranger. They wanted the reward money to buy her sister a mobile home. She wasn’t expecting a billionaire prince in the bargain or a friendship where a guy might actually see who she really is. Beau Bentley’s the youngest son and favorite of his parents. Spoiled was more than his middle name, but he never met anyone half as fascinating as his wife. She keeps him in the friend zone and while the dangers against his family lurked, he didn’t push. But now that he’s on the case to get the last bad guy, it’s time to show his wife just how good their life might be… if she truly accepted that they could live happily-ever-after. As the end game approaches, and enemies are exposed, the manipulations and lies end, but somewhere along the way can Sarah open her heart and fall in love? Or would life be safer if they just stay friends? Scorching hot kisses aren’t supposed to rock her world. Romance and secret enemies both bloom in this romantic suspense novel that fans of Nora Roberts and Kerry Barrett are sure to love! Scroll Up and One Click to start reading this action-packed second chance contemporary romance novel TODAY!