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Just One Kiss

Just One Kiss

Young Adult


Author : Amber Garza

Publisher : Radish


A Grease-inspired romance featuring a sexy bad-boy hero, a good-girl heroine, forbidden love from across the tracks, and all the feels. Rose is a good girl. A rule follower. She doesn’t take risks. Until the night her boyfriend breaks up with her in a text, and she ends up kissing a stranger on the beach. Nash is a bad boy. A rebel. He doesn’t do relationships. He's shocked when Rose's kiss stirs feelings inside of him that he isn't expecting. Feelings he doesn't need or want. That’s why he pushes her away and takes off. It was just supposed to be one kiss. One crazy, stupid, amazing kiss. Neither of them think they’ll ever see each other again. But they do. They end up at the same high school in the fall, where the two of them are constantly running into one another. Soon, it becomes impossible to deny the chemistry between them. Nash worries that he's too broken and damaged to be what Rose needs. Rose has trust issues from being betrayed by past boyfriends. When Rose's dad forbids her from seeing Nash, it seems that all the odds are stacked against them. Will they give up or fight to be together?