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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just What the Doctor Ordered



Author : RachaelEWrites

Publisher : Radish


Edward FitzRoy-Somerset was trapped. Bound in a dreadful union to a woman he despised, the heir to one of the oldest British noble titles felt empty. Although Edward had money, an endless supply of women to occupy his bed, and the best food he could ever eat; it was never enough. No matter what Edward did, he never found any satisfaction in life. That was...until he meets her... Aillen Gaines was about as unroyal as one could get. Born in Oakland, California, the young STEM prodigy put herself through medical school and graduated with honors. After one of Allien's friends puts her name in a lottery for the job of a lifetime, the young woman was suddenly uprooted from the Bay Area and shipped off to sunny San Deigo. From the moment Edward shook Aillen's hand, he felt an attraction to her unlike any he had ever experienced before. He wanted her. He needed her. He would have her. But demons of the past and present pose a threat to this budding relationship. What started as a simple one night stand turns into something more, and Edward slowly begins to realize that Aillen just might be what the doctor ordered...