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Author : Valarie Rae

Publisher : Radish


"I admit to being a very SICK and TWISTED person." Sadie and Levi Olivers are the closest pair of siblings that anyone has ever seen. Abandoned as toddlers and forced to live in foster home after merciless foster home, they will do anything to keep each other safe and happy. All they really want, though, is for Levi's eighteenth birthday to come around so they can legally get away and forget their miserable childhoods. The night of the special day, though, Sadie receives a phone call under Levi's caller ID. All she can hear is the screaming of her older brother and a villainous voice telling her to find her parents or she'll never see Levi again. The only problem is that she doesn't know who or where they are. She doesn't know what to do. She feels lost without her brother's guidance. Within the chaos, though, she meets Theo, a wealthy, charming boy who just so happens to be in the same situation as she is. His older sister went missing just hours before Levi's known disappearance, and he's just as scared as Sadie is. As Sadie and Theo's search begins, everything quickly spins out of control. Anything is possible and no one can be trusted. To what extremes will they go to bring back their brother and sister?