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Lakeside Vines

Lakeside Vines



Author : NYLA

Publisher : Radish


This time around something is different. This time, one of them might walk away. Day in and day out, Maggie Barnes has kept her straitlaced and proper shell in place, except for three precious nights every year. Crush, Santa Christa’s grape harvest, is the busiest time of year in her hometown, but it’s only then, when the oh-so-sexy Alejandro comes to her to spend his nights, that she can let down her shield and be her true self. This year she needs him more than ever. Alejandro Garcia wants out of the shadows. It’s well past time to put an end to their long-running secret. If it were any other woman, he never would have let it get this far. But his crush on her from high school never quite went away. He’s never been one to hide, not even from the truth no matter how hard it might be to confront and staying stashed away behind closed doors is no longer an option. But what happens when they open that door? Will it give them the future they both want, or will it force an ending neither one of them is ready to face?