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Last Waltz In Blackpool

Last Waltz In Blackpool



Author : Belle

Publisher : Radish


Two girls get a second chance at their love in Blackpool, but will Lyra's father destroy everything and risk the happiness Evie and Lyra are fighting for? Evie O'Connor was setting her sights high, she wanted the best future for her and her girlfriend Lyra. She was dreaming big and wanted it to be hand in hand with Lyra. The problem was Lyra Brookes was the daughter of the notorious bad man Jacob Brookes and one fight too many pushes Evie to find her dreams on her own. However, the pair bump into each other in the seaside town of Blackpool and it isn't long before the sparks of their love are flickering again. Lyra reminds Evie what their love was like and they find the passion their lives are missing. But, Lyra hasn't changed her ways and bad man Jacob Brookes isn't about to let his daughter have a happily ever after with Evie away from his life of crime and will make Lyra do something he knows even Evie can't forgive. Can Evie rescue Lyra from the life her father is forcing on her, or will Evie have to choose her dreams over Lyra again in order to protect herself? "It seems all roads lead to you."