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Lord Hanover's Wicked Deception

Lord Hanover's Wicked Deception



Author : Kit Tunstall

Publisher : Radish


Lady Rebecca Stanhope thumbs her nose at society dictates in regards to finding a suitable husband by stepping in for her father to deliver a shipment to the Colonies after he’s killed over a gaming debt. When pirates overtake their ship, Rebecca makes a bargain with their captain. The pirate stipulates that as well as cooperation from the crew, the entire cargo, and a costly diamond necklace, Rebecca must surrender her virtue to him too... There is more to her pirate than she realizes, and she next faces him across a lavish ballroom in Boston instead of the ravaged cabin of her ship. She knows his secret, which leads to a hasty marriage. The battle to win Lord Hanover’s heart will be far more fierce than facing a pirate with only a derringer, but she refuses to back down from the challenge of taming the pirate and making him hers.