Lotus Omega Academy Babies Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Lotus Omega Academy Babies

Lotus Omega Academy Babies



Author : EvaLyra

Publisher : Radish


Lotus Academy is famous across the shifter lands for producing the most beautiful, graceful, perfect omegas. Taken in as children from the streets or bought from poor families, they don’t have any rights. They owe a debt to the academy that only a rich alpha can repay - by bidding for a desirable omega, and eventually - hopefully - paying to Claim them as their own and lead them away to a cozy home to raise a family together. No place for feelings, for romance. And yet Kai feels something the first time he looks at the tall, powerful alpha in the dim light of a teahouse - and is floored when the alpha comes and introduces himself as Alexander of the famous Crown Clan, a rich heir and well-known alpha werewolf. Kai has never thought of himself as pretty or desirable in the least. He’s even more floored when Alexander bids for his First night. And then is crushed when Alexander disappears once more from his life, having left him with a souvenir that the Lotus Academy isn’t happy about. Babies are all good and nice once a Lotus omega has secured a Mate, but right now Kai is in trouble. Will Alex come back for him in time?