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Love Arranged

Love Arranged

Young Adult


Author : SarahB

Publisher : Radish


Throughout her years in high school, Maggie Carter could've successfully avoided every toxic aspect that surrounded Henderson High, down to the teachers and most especially the students. So close to leaving the wreckage that is her past that kept haunting her and to finally graduate without trouble getting in the way, she was ready to walk away from her high-school experience with a clean image. But trouble doesn't always come in the form of circumstances but instead people. Enters Evan Williams, the notorious socialite of Henderson High who tarnishes her last remaining days in senior year by flipping her entire world upside down. For better and for worse. As he then brings hell into her world by disrupting the normalcy of what her high-school life used to be, having the perfect boyfriend and the perfect group of friends, through an arrangement she just knows she'll never be able to escape no matter how hard she tries.