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Author : tashalharrison

Publisher : Radish


I'M NOT THE ONE... When I first met Tempest, my best friend Zion’s little sister, I knew she wasn’t for me. She’s sweet. Kinda nerdy and shy with an overbite that makes her seem as if she’s always slightly surprised. She was damn adorable. But she isn’t for me. She’s a good girl. Too good for white trash like me. And definitely off-limits because Zion would literally kill me if he found out. But when their mother died and he’s forced to do what he needs to care of her, I’m the only one he trusts to watch out for his baby sister. Zion needs to make a run up north. Establish some connections that will set us up to make some real money to help him take care of his sister. And I’m supposed to keep an eye on Tempest. Nothing should have happened. Nothing. HE THINKS I'M SOME SWEET THING... I’ve had a crush on Owen Easton Wilde since I knew what a crush was, but the fact that he’s my brother’s best friend makes me untouchable. But it also means that Zion trusts Owen enough to watch out for his little sister while he takes a trip up north. Alone in the house with Owen over a long weekend…I can’t think of a better time to convince him that I’m not so innocent.